4D Number Plates (Road Legal)

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*IMPORTANT* - If you want your reg spaced differently to how it appears on your V5 please go back and click on show plates. Otherwise if you'd like your plates to be road legal please carry on here :)

Currently our most popular Style of letter, if your'e looking for something fresh, sharp, eye catching and super glossy these lazer cut acrylic letters may be just what your'e looking for. Likewise to our Krystal/gel letters these again are 100% UK road legal + MOT friendly. All of our Lazer plates come with a 3 year warranty as the materials we source are only from current leading UK manufacturers .

All orders include both Front + Back registration plates as a complete set.

What are 4D number plates?

4D number plates use thick 3mm acrylic lettering that is laser cut to any registration configuration. They’re a great way to give your number plates a more dramatic appearance and are especially suited to making custom registrations pop.

What does 4D mean?

Whilst ‘4D’ would typically refer to the 4th dimension (time), these number plates unfortunately won’t teleport your car back to days of mileage past. Instead, this is the industry’s term for plates with thick laser cut acrylic lettering, to easily separate 4D number plates and previously existing 3D gel plates.

What are the rules for number plates in the UK?

Number plates in the UK are required by law to use the Charles Wright standard font, with specific dimensions for each character and between characters. The dimension requirements differ between plates across time. The differentiation categories are between pre-January 1973, pre-September 2001, and post-September 2001. The dimension requirements for modern plates post-September 2001 are as follows:

 Character Height 79mm
Character Width (Except letter ‘I’ or number ‘1’) 50mm
Character Stroke 14mm
Space Between Characters 11mm
Space Between Age Identifier and Numbers 33mm
Top, Side, and Bottom Margins (Minimum) 11mm
Vertical Space in Gap (for 2 lines) 19mm


Aside from dimensions, there are also additional requirements for number plates in the UK to be considered legal:

  • White front number plate, yellow rear number plate.
  • Reflective material.
  • No background patterns.
  • Must display the manufacturer’s details.
  • Must display British Standard Number (this will differ depending on the age of your plate, but will look something like ‘BS AU 145e’).

Number plates are allowed to display a National Identifier on the left-hand side, and a selection of flags and abbreviations are available to choose from.

Your number plate must also be kept clean, so that it is easily visible by cameras.

Are 4D plates legal in the UK?

4D number plates are legal in the UK as long as they comply with the above requirements, set out by the vehicle licensing agency (DVLA), and the owner has the correct registration documents for them. The DVLA has stated that plates with “raised characters” are now permitted.

One of the main concerns with 4D number plates in the UK is their ability to be read at an angle due to the extent that the lettering sticks out. It’s important to purchase 4D plates from a trusted supplier who is licensed to sell number plates in the UK, as they will ensure all these requirements are met. In addition to this, you need to be certain that your plates are made with the best quality adhesive, as your plates will no longer be legal if any characters fall off.

What are the penalties if I use plates that are not legal?

Using illegal number plates in the UK can result in a motorist being fined up to £1000 and, in rare instances such as the possibility of cloned plates or criminal activity, your vehicle may be seized by the police.

Your number plates will also be checked as part of an MOT. If your number plates are illegal, your vehicle will fail its MOT.

How are laser cut plates made?

Laser cut number plates are made by using a laser cutter to craft each individual character. These 4D number plate characters are made of acrylic and have a distinct raised appearance. This differs from other 3D plates which will typically use a gel to slightly raise the lettering. Each laser cut acrylic character is then applied to the background separately with precise measurements, which gives the number plate its clean, dramatic feel.

Can I purchase 4D neon number plates?

4D neon plates are very popular for shows and car meets, as they can be made in a number of colours to suit any vehicle and make a statement. However, variations such as neon number plates and tinted plates are illegal to use on the road in the UK, and drivers with cars bearing them for showing still need to possess the appropriate plate registration documents.

Why buy from Monstaplates?

We’ve already mentioned some of the benefits of purchasing from a trusted number plate supplier. Monstaplates will ensure your number plate is compliant with up-to-date legal requirements, and all our 4D number plates are secured with an extra strong adhesive to ensure the lettering reliably remains in place.

Monstaplates manufactures 4D number plates in a range of sizes (including short 16” plates for either front or rear) to suit any vehicle. The laser cut lettering is precisely designed with the highest standard of engineering to give a sleek, clean appearance with full impact. Monstaplates’ 4D number plates can also be ordered in a new hex-shape, highlighting the angles and sharp curves of the front or rear of your vehicle whilst remaining road-legal.

The wider range of number plates available at Monstaplates also includes 3D gel plates, extra thick gel or tinted plates. Tinted or Super 3D Krystal Plates, designed for showing, can be customised in a range of finishes, such as gloss or carbon matte.

What warranty do you give?

At Monstaplates, we’re so confident in the impeccable standard of our products, that we’re one of the only UK number plate suppliers to offer a 3 Year Warranty on all plate styles. This includes raised letter adhesive, lamination peel, and UV protection.

All number plates, including 4D number plates, ordered from Monstaplates are guaranteed with free delivery and tracked shipping, and all our plates are typically dispatched within 2-4 business days from ordering.