How Do I Buy Someone Number Plates As A Present?

How Do I Buy Someone Number Plates As A Present?

Finding a unique gift that’s going to stand out can be difficult. A custom number plate is a great gift for a special person in your life and will definitely make an impression. The thought of buying a number plate for someone else can be intimidating, as many people don’t know how to go about it. However, it’s actually very simple to gift a number plate to someone else!

By following these simple steps, you can give the perfect personalised gift to the car enthusiast in your life:

1. Find the perfect plate

Buy a personalised registration number

The first step is deciding on a personalised vehicle registration. There are a number of online vehicle registration dealers, where you can search for available combinations of plates (as each one needs to be unique!).

Get creative with your ideas to find a plate that’s perfect for the person you’re planning to give it to. You can use their nicknames, and even add numbers to commemorate dates (such as ‘21’ for a big birthday).

If you’re wanting to purchase custom number plates without a new vehicle registration (e.g. if the person you’re buying a present for already has a personalised reg), then you may need to get a copy of their V5 to provide to the manufacturer.

Choose a plate style

Don’t just settle for the standard number plates that come with a new registration. There are so many options out there for customised number plates that will allow you to upgrade your gift.

Opting for custom 4D number plates will make the personalised registration number stand out (literally!), giving your present extra impact. You can even customise the shape of your number plates, to show that you’ve put additional thought into really making the gift unique. For example, these hex number plates will compliment sharp lines of a car whilst still being road-legal!

Choosing personalised options such as 3D, 4D or custom-shaped number plates will make sure the gift is as unique as the person you’re giving it to.

2. Make sure the number plates are road legal

If you’re giving number plates as a present, you want to be sure the ones you choose are road legal so that the recipient can actually use them on their car.

There are a number of requirements for number plates to be legal in the UK, including the size of the characters and the materials that the plates are made out of. Purchasing custom number plates from a trusted manufacturer such as Monstaplates will ensure the plates are legal to drive with.

3. Transfer the registration certificate

When you purchase a personalised vehicle registration, you will be listed as the owner. To finalise the process of giving someone number plates as a present, you’ll need to transfer the registration certificate to them. This can easily be done online through the DVLA, after which a new V5/logbook will be sent to the new owner of the registration.