Stolen Number Plates - What Should You Do?

Stolen Number Plates - What Should You Do?

If you’ve fallen victim to a number plate theft, you need to take action immediately. The act of stealing number plates, also often referred to as ‘vehicle identity theft’ is a criminal offence. There are a number of reasons why someone may steal your number plates, almost always revolving around hiding their true identity when committing a crime.

Read on to find out more about stolen number plates, and what actions you should take if this type of theft happens to you.

Why would someone steal number plates?

There are numerous reasons why someone might steal your number plates. Where your name and address are connected to your vehicle registration, criminals may steal your plates to put them on another vehicle, which means they can commit crimes in a car without the registration being traced back to them.

As the UK is almost entirely covered in CCTV and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) systems, crimes in vehicles are easily picked up by the authorities. If your number plates have been stolen, the police might end up knocking on your door, thinking that you were the one driving!

Stolen number plates are often used in attempts to sell stolen cars, for reckless driving, to fill up a vehicle with petrol and then drive away, to cover getaway vehicles for burglaries, or even for violent crime.

What should you do if your number plates are stolen?

  1. Report the theft to the police. 

    If your number plates have been stolen, you need to contact the police immediately to let them know. This means you will have evidence to appeal any speeding tickets or parking fines accumulated on your vehicle registration.

    It also means that the police will be aware that you aren’t connected to any crimes your vehicle registration may be connected to following the theft. What’s more, the police can keep an eye out for your number plates, which may help them in pulling over criminals.

  2.  Don’t drive your car without number plates! 

    You can’t drive your car after your number plates have been stolen, as it’s illegal in the UK to drive without them. Even after reporting the theft to the police, you must keep your car off the road until you’ve obtained replacements.

  3.  Order replacement number plates. 

    You want to order replacement number plates as soon as you can after having yours stolen. This means you can get back to driving as quickly as possible!

Using a reputable manufacturer like Monstaplates will ensure you get a high-quality, road legal replacement set of number plates in a matter of days. You will be asked to provide identification and proof of ownership (e.g. your V5), as this process stops criminals from ordering false plates directly!

Why not even treat yourself to an upgraded set of plates after this stressful situation? With custom 3D number plate options and 4D number plate hex-shapes available, a little TLC for your vehicle might be just what you need to get over your stolen number plates!